5 July 2023

Murder Most Ungodly – Helicon Club Play

There was even more excitement than usual in school in anticipation of the annual Helicon Club Play this year – a highlight of the summer term for many – as it was presented through a medium that would preserve it for eternity: a movie thriller entitled Murder Most Ungodly.

The script, written by Emma (7M), centred on a murder mystery investigating the deaths of Echo and Narcissus and was set in a high school version of Mount Olympus and shown as a ‘cinema screening’ lunchtime on Monday 3 July. The whole of the lecture theatre was packed out with an eager audience.

The actors (all long-standing members of the weekly Helicon Club) were from Years 5–8 and they all brought so much enthusiasm, effort and energy into their roles; Florence (Year 5) brought particular comedy stardom to her role as the beautiful yet vain Narcissus. Rania (9J) and Phoebe (9J), the club’s Year 9 assistants, helped with the rehearsals and filming and Tilly (8J) put a lot of effort into editing the different scenes into a seamless format. Well done, Helicon Club!



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