22 March 2024

OX14 Learning Partnership – Academic Coaching

Throughout Lent term, students have been participating in the OX14 Learning Partnership Academic Coaching programme.

In partnership with Radley College, Larkmead School, Abingdon School, Fitzsharrys School and John Mason School, the scheme that helps students to unlock their potential and maximise performance through a coach/coachee dialogue.

Sixth Form students from across the six schools attend training sessions where they are introduced to the GROW coaching model which provides a scaffold on which effective coaching conversations can be based.

Otilie (L6B) was one of this year’s Sixth Form coaches. Reflecting on her experience, she said: ‘The OX14 Academic Coaching experience was very beneficial, for both the coaches and the students being coached. As a coach, I had three online training sessions, where I adopted a range of new skills – including leadership skills, effective coaching qualities and knowledge about safeguarding.

‘All of these skills will be invaluable for jobs later in life as they have taught me about giving effective advice, how to be a good listener and communicator, asking effective questions that allow someone to feel as though they can answer openly, and how to deal with difficult situations regarding safeguarding issues.

‘The coaching then involved meeting with a student once a week after school and supporting them by first gaining an understanding of what they need to improve on in their academic life, and then work with them to discuss strategies of how to do this, in order to reach the goals that they want to achieve. One way of doing this was by using my own experience from doing GCSEs so that I could share effective revision strategies, and also things that I would’ve changed if I were to take my GCSEs again, so that the student I coached could benefit from these strategies.

‘Overall, it was a beneficial experience that I am glad I partook in, as I gained a range of new life skills, and felt rewarded by helping another student work towards their aims and reach their potential.’

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