5 July 2024

Prize Giving 2024

Daisy, Head Girl 2024-25

Prize Giving offers us a time to celebrate the achievements students’ and reflect on the packed school year. It is a sad time, as we wish the best to our leaving students and members of staff, however, it also marks the exciting start of a new chapter, beyond St Helen’s.

Members of Sixth Form directed the progression of Prize Giving. They offered informed insights into the achievements and successes of students in academia, drama, music, sport, charity and Going Beyond activities. This offered an insightful view into the busy life of St Helen’s students and allowed us to recognise and appreciate each other’s successes.

We were also able to watch a series of performances, including the Musical Theatre Club, which started off Prize Giving with a bang! Our afternoon was completed by a song from part of the Made in Dagenham cast, which brought goosebumps to all.

We were very fortunate to have Karen Bardsley, a world-class football goalkeeper and former Lioness, join us. She gave an engaging, interactive and hugely relevant speech about her journey which left us all in awe of her incredible achievements. Her resilient and optimistic approach to the setbacks she has faced was an inspiration to us all. Her experiences and accomplishments are definitely something we can reflect on, learn from and take home with us into the summer and the following year.

I think we are all now deserving of a long and relaxing break!

Daisy, Head Girl 2024-25

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