18 November 2022

Remembrance Day 2022

SHSK School

November 2022

Lest we forget. It was a moving Remembrance Day service this year, led by the School Chaplain Revd Dr Karen Hyde with readings from Headmistress Mrs Dougall and students from across the School. We were also delighted to be joined by Flying Officer Eve Westlake and Squadron Leader Gemma Bean from RAF Brize Norton. Read Georgina (U6H) and the School Chaplain’s Remembrance Day reflections, as well as the full speech to students from Flying Officer Eve Westlake.

The Remembrance Day service led by Revd Dr Hyde was a poignant reminder of the impact of war across the globe. Reflecting on past conflicts seems particularly relevant this year as tensions build between Russia and the west due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The service gave us all the time to pause and consider the importance of peace, and the lives that can be lost when compassion and understanding are lost between groups. Hearing from Flying Officer Eve Westlake was an inspiring addition to the assembly and reminded us of the importance of reflection in our everyday lives.

Georgina, U6H

This year our school Service of Remembrance was held on Armistice Day itself. The whole school community united with people across the nation, across faiths, cultures and backgrounds, to remember and honour those of the Armed Forces community who sacrificed themselves to protect our freedom and our way of life.

In considering the effects of war, we remembered not only those who have died in service, but all those who suffer in the same way in our world today

The Act of Remembrance was held as we committed ourselves to work for reconciliation between nations, so that all people may, together, live in freedom, justice and peace. We responded in hope as representative members of the school community came forward to lay wreaths alongside Gemma; and we prayed for peace and for the peace-bringers of our generation.

Revd Dr Karen Hyde

SHSK School

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