Lower School

2 July 2024

Shakespeare by Heart

Erin Haines, Teacher of English

On Friday 28 June, we were treated to a range of excellent performances of speeches from Shakespeare at Year 7’s annual Shakespeare by Heart event.

In preparation for this event, each Year 7 students learned a speech written by Shakespeare by heart, performed it to their English group who then selected a team of four to go forward to the competition.

The standard was incredibly high and our judge, Mrs Taylor (Head of Lower School), was extremely impressed by the poise and insight each student showed in their performance. Chloe’s (7J) mature interpretation of Emilia from Othello stole the show and Katelyn (7L), Isla (7K) and Kirsten (7M) were Highly Commended.

Year 7 were also treated to a performance of an extract from Twelfth Night by Lower Sixth English students, which was very enjoyable.

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Erin Haines, Teacher of English

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