17 April 2024

Ski trip 2024

Miss Greenslade, Teacher of PE

Amidst the snowy peaks of La Plagne, our Years 8 and 10 students embraced adventure during their unforgettable ski trip in March.

Each morning was greeted with excitement and anticipation as the girls delved into five hours of exhilarating skiing ventures under the guidance of the local Ski Bound instructors. Broken up by a well-deserved lunchtime, they spent each day refining their technique and building confidence with essential skills such as carving, turning, speed control and jumps.

Some groups travelled further to explore neighbouring areas such as Champagny-en-Vanoise, expanding their skiing horizons and embracing the diverse terrain of the French Alps. Additionally, some groups had the opportunity to ascend to the top of Glacier de Bellecôte – a thrilling experience dependent on weather conditions for skiing down. One afternoon, we paused after our ski session as a whole group to visit a local restaurant. There, we indulged in delicious crêpes and hot chocolate before skiing back together, enjoying the views.

The evenings were filled with different activities, from competitive quizzes and games nights to movies, karaoke, disco and Just Dance sessions. Below are some quotes directly from students who have shared their experiences and reflections from the trip.

One student said, ‘The trip was so much fun, I really enjoyed all of the activities.’

Another student praised the instructors, saying, ‘The instructors were amazing. They made me feel supported and their encouragement kept me going.’

Another student added, ‘I was pleased to have successfully completed my first black run by the end of the week!’

Overall, the trip was a success leaving the girls with cherished memories and valuable experiences.

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Miss Greenslade, Teacher of PE

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