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23 November 2023

St Kate’s Day 2023

Happy St Kate’s Day, HelKats!

We started our celebrations with a whole-school Eucharist in YPH, joined by Revd Clare Hayns, College Chaplain from Christ Church Oxford to address women of the Old Testament and how the choices they made affect us today. As is tradition, we ended the service with a hearty performance of the St Kate’s Hymn.

Next, it was onto our famous 2p race on the courts, where students lay coins in patterns in support of the School’s chosen charity. This year, students organised their donations in the shape of eyes as they raised funds for Children Heard and Seen – an organisation dedicated to supporting children, whose families are impacted by parental imprisonment.

Back inside, fundraising continued with endless fun at the St Kate’s Day fair that saw students use their creativity and imagination to raise money for charity. The ‘Guess the teacher from their baby photo’ competition was hugely popular, as was throwing water balloons at Mr Smart in the Quad – even some of the other teachers took this opportunity to get their own back. The Juniors’ scrumptious bake sale was a sell-out and the face paint, hair and nail salons ensured everyone in school was in high spirits and ready for House dodgeball. Well done to our Years 5 and 6 bakers who raised over £200 with the delicious treats from their sold-out stand!

Despite some nail-biting moments, our Sixth Form lacrosse players did us proud by beating the Abingdon School’s 1st Rugby team 5–2 in our annual St Kate’s Day lax match.

Celebrations in school ended with competitive inter-House dodgeball and netball tournaments before students headed back into YPH for a special Sixth Form play which was jam-packed with a hilarious St Helen’s rendition of the film Wild Child, a TikTok-inspired video marathon and much more.

St Kate’s Day Social

After St Kate’s Day had ended in school, we were delighted to welcome our alumnae to this year’s St Kate’s Day social, held at The Coral Room in the Bloomsbury Hotel. It is the third year in which the St Kate’s Day celebrations have been extended to include celebrations for the alumnae community in London.

It was a pleasure to meet several generations of alumnae, mixing so wonderfully together and reminiscing about their time at St Helen’s. The group ranged from those who had recently graduated from university to those who were regaling us with stories of the School in the 1950s and 1970s. It was fascinating to learn of the variety of careers and interests within the group, as well as hearing their enduring memories of joyous and entertaining St Kate’s Days of the past.

Thank you to all of our alumnae who sent in their Kit Kat pictures from around the world.

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