13 June 2024

Summer Concert 2024

Our Summer Concert in June incorporated performances from our Junior Department, Lower School, Middle School and Sixth Form. There was a spectacular array of talent on display as musicians played a repertoire of summery tunes.

Reflecting on her performance, Sophie (7K) said: ‘I loved performing in the Summer Concert, it was so much fun and it was great to prepare for as well. I was in the Main School Choir and we rehearsed on Tuesday lunchtime; we would practise singing our songs in YPH and performing to an empty auditorium so that we were prepared for the real concert. I also had lots of fun learning the cantata “Rooster Rag” which we learnt in our individual music lessons and performed as a whole year group. It was an amazing experience to have the whole year group performing and we had a great time as well!

‘When it came to the actual day of the concert, it was so much fun to perform to a full audience. I loved performing in the Summer Concert and it was such a rewarding experience after trying so hard within our practise sessions.’

Tiffany (8J) added: ‘In the recent Summer Concert, so many people participated. I was in Sinfonietta, which performed “Chanson de Matin” and “Spanish Dance”, and the Main School Choir which sang “Candle on the Water” and “Dance”.

‘Preparing for the concert was a fun experience as it involved lots of orchestral playing and singing, and listening to our pieces evolve as we got more and more familiar with them. Practising with other people can also help you to determine who has similar hobbies as you, which can make it easier to find good friends!

‘In the actual concert, I felt a bit nervous to perform but, in the end, it still felt amazing as all the hard work had paid off. I also really enjoyed being able to hear what other players can do and how everyone sounds together instead of playing or singing alone.’

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