7 February 2024

Top Test Senior Lacrosse

Sally Keogh, Head of Lacrosse

This year’s Top Test Lacrosse Tournament was not only a thrilling display of high-paced tournament play but also served as a fantastic developmental opportunity for our teams.

With St Helen’s proudly presenting two formidable teams amidst a competitive field of 12 schools and 21 teams, the atmosphere was electric, brimming with anticipation and determination.

Over the course of the tournament, a total of 70 matches unfolded, each one a testament to the dedication and skill of the players involved. The intensity of the competition provided invaluable experience, sharpening our strategies and honing our abilities in preparation for the upcoming nationals. It was a true showcase of the talent and commitment within our lacrosse programme, and we are incredibly proud of the effort and sportsmanship demonstrated by all involved.

This tournament not only fuelled our competitive spirit but also reinforced the bonds of camaraderie and teamwork that define our lacrosse community. We look forward to carrying this momentum forward as we continue to strive for excellence on the national stage.

Sally Keogh, Head of Lacrosse

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