10 June 2024

U15 football county champions

Bethany Hawtin, Head of Football

Our U15s became St Helen’s first football team to bring back a trophy in the Oxfordshire County Cup final.

Emma (10L) reflected her team’s 3–0 win over Lord William’s in the final: ‘This term, we played in the Oxfordshire County Cup final against Lord William’s School, at Oxford City Football Club. The St Helen’s team was excited for the game, and we were all looking forward to playing on such an amazing pitch.

‘It was clear from the beginning that Lord William’s was a strong side, with some very good individual players and an 8–0 win in their last round. However, we had a confident start and succeeded in creating opportunities soon after kick-off.

‘Early in the game, we earned a free kick from outside the box. Sasha (10K) stepped up to take it and scored a brilliant goal from a long distance. This placed us in a good mindset as the game went on. Our confidence grew further as we scored our second goal, thanks to Scarlett’s (9J) corner which was placed excellently in the box, meaning I managed to find the back of the net.

‘After half-time, everyone in the team continued to work hard – particularly Mary (9L) in goal – who made many fantastic saves to keep a clean sheet. Finally, we scored our third goal as Sasha (10K) placed a composed finish in the back of the net.

‘Once the game had finished, we all felt extremely proud, both of our performance and our achievement of becoming county champions. It was a great experience and a really good feeling to bring the trophy back to school. A special thanks to Miss Hawtin for her coaching this season and we are looking forward to what next year will bring!’

Watch the highlights video:


Bethany Hawtin, Head of Football

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