28 September 2023

U16 netballers win silver at the Sisters n Sport pre-season tournament

Teresa Barrett, Netball Coach

Our U16 netball squad competed in the Sisters n Sport pre-season tournament on Saturday 23 September hosted at St Helen and St Katharine. 12 teams from as far as Middlesbrough and Yorkshire came to play in this high-standard competition.

Our squad got off to an excellent start winning our first four matches – 13-5, 12-5, 13-7 and 19-6.  Unfortunately, our winning streak was stopped by Birkhenhead in the last match of the morning section. They were a good team, but we did not play our best against them losing 7-13.

Teams were then regrouped for the afternoon. As we only lost one game, we went through to the top section.

With our focus back on track we won our sixth match 12-5, with two left to play we knew it was going to be a close contest as to who was going to win the tournament. The team who beat us had lost to another, so we knew we still had a chance.

Match 7 we really got back into our best netball, playing well as a team and excellent shooting winning 15-7 against St Albans.

The tournament was played in a round-robin format, but our last match felt like the final as both teams were in line to possibly take the top spot. This was one of the most exciting games to watch as we were down by a couple of goals at half-time, but then picking up a few interceptions began to pull it back. We had the ball in the shooting circle when the final whistle went leaving the result as a 7-7 draw against a very talented Solihull team.

We all sat eagerly waiting for the scores to be added up and announced. St Helen’s was called up as winning silver medals and achieving second place. A fantastic day of netball, helped with the lovely weather.

Congratulations to all the girls in the squad. They all worked hard and played with passion. Player of the tournament; Imogen.

Teresa Barrett, Netball Coach

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