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14 March 2024

Vets, Medics, Dentists and Physiotherapy event

Elli (L6D)

Students were invited to listen to a panel of speakers and hear insights on their healthcare professions.

The medic talks began by listening to Dr Hannah Talbot share her inspiring story, teaching us medicine can take you anywhere – the other side of the globe for training, flying in a helicopter every day as part of a first response service, working close to home in a nearby hospital, or even doing all three in your lifetime.

A career in medicine can be unpredictable due to the vast number of opportunities available to you, much like our speakers Darius Oraee and Fernanda Fenn Torrente alluded to during their speeches about their journeys in medicine so far. Hearing Fernanda’s experiences in the hospital while working as a paediatric doctor showed us the immensely rewarding characteristics of being a medic, while also drawing to our attention the great responsibility that comes with the power of being able to save others’ lives, while Darius spoke about the exciting range of choices open to medical students – through intercalation or otherwise.

Next, we had a very informative talk from Claire Johnson from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School admissions team, who gave us some invaluable advice on how to pick which medical schools to apply for, and how to spend your time on an open day.

Finally, we had the opportunity to hear from Emily Shearman, who came in to talk to us about the truth about applying to medical schools, and how to handle the very real chance of rejection to come away with success the next year.

Overall, the medical information evening provided us with so much knowledge of the life ahead of us, as well as a deeper awareness of the good and the bad aspects of a career in medicine. Thank you very much to all the speakers for coming in to share your stories, and to Dr Darcy and Mrs Darcy for organising this event – it was a huge help to all of us in the audience.

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