19 February 2024

Winter Concert 2024

Experience the enchantment of our recent Winter Concert through the lens of Martha, Helena, and Emilia.

‘The Winter Concert was a brilliant opportunity for young musicians to perform as a part of a group; the rehearsals are always great fun and you learn a lot from them. I took part in the Wind Orchestra, Clarinet Ensemble, Sinfonietta, main school choir and Sinfonia – I can never seem to take part in enough ensembles at school because I enjoy them so much! It’s safe to say that each one of them has taught me something that will stay with me forever. I think the concert went really well. All of the groups sounded amazing and, most importantly, everyone had a great time.’

Martha (8L)


‘The Winter Concert is a performance where younger students get to show off all the hard work they have put into their groups and ensembles since the start of the year. There was an amazing variety of instruments and singing at the concert! This year, I sang in the whole school choir and the debut of year 9 A Capella group: the Nonettes, and played in Sinfoniettta, Vandoren and Wind Orchestra. I really enjoyed the process of learning the pieces and playing as a group, whether it was for 40 minutes in the morning, after school or during lunchtime. All of the students and music staff put in so much hard work to make the concert happen and the result was magical.’

Helena (9J)


‘Our annual Winter Concert was a beautiful evening of music, with a wide variety of composers and ensembles. I played the violin in Sinfonia, the flute in Sinfonietta, and sang in the whole school choir. Sinfonietta and the choir both practise once a week at lunchtime. In the largest group, Sinfonietta, we played Themes from Holst’s ‘Jupiter’ and a medley of songs from My Fair Lady. It was wonderful to bring the majestic main theme of ‘Jupiter’ to others after practising all through the term. Another particular highlight was singing ‘Fly!’ by Tracy Wong in the whole school choir as there was a large group of us. I was happy with all my performances as I thought I contributed well. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I feel that it has helped me to develop as a musician.’

Emilia (8J)


Watch the full performance below:

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