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7 March 2024

World Book Day 2024

Donna Pocock-Bell, Librarian

A day of dressing-up fun and sharing beloved book characters, celebrating the joy of reading.

From Juniors to Sixth Form, we had so many spectacular outfits on display for World Book Day 2024 – including Little Red Riding Hood, Katniss Everdeen, Miss Trunchbull, a trio of mischievous chipmunks, Groot and his Minions, and a teddy bear’s picnic to name a few.

There were also plenty of activities to get involved in for World Book Day. Our special creative writing competition encouraged students to write and submit diary entries from the perspective of fictional book characters, and our craft competition challenged students to create models of their favourite characters using household items – such as a potato.

Congratulations to our creative writing competition winners – enjoy reading their entries below:

Hannah (7K)

From the diary of Cinderella’s ugly stepsister

Dear Diary,

Honestly, what was Mother thinking? She’s just gone and married some random man off the street who she hardly knows! Worst of all, he’s got this ‘daughter’ who I’m expected to live with. I don’t know how anyone can survive with that scoundrel in their house. Apparently, her mother died when she was younger, and the family’s never been the same since. Well, Boo-Hoo to that! My sister and I have tried to put her in her place, you know, show her who’s boss (the boss is me, in case you hadn’t already guessed). Of course, it’s good to keep her busy, we give her easy tasks – such as polishing our shoes or washing our clothes – but she never really changes! She is so arrogant as well! She’s under the impression that she is somehow going to go to the ball at the palace tomorrow night! I mean, come on, who’s going to marry her? Just going near her smells like you are entering a pigsty (which I would not recommend)!

From an ‘Ugly’ Sister

P.S. Why do people have to call us that? Personally, I think I’m very beautiful.

P.P.S. Which, for the record, my sister is not.


Claudia (10L)

From the diary of Anthony J Crowley – Summer 1990, 7 days before the end of the world 

Dear Diary,

I think that’s how you start these things. I’ve never really done this before, but Aziraphale keeps telling me I should keep a diary as we’ve been on this planet for the past 6000 years, and the only real way to remember everything is to write it down. I suppose leaving it until 7 days before the end of the world isn’t a great thing to do but I might as well start now.

I know the angel and I have been working to try and stop the apocalypse for 11 years now, but I can’t stop thinking about what happens if our plan fails. What if either heaven or hell notices our little arrangement and stops our involvement with Earth until it’s been blasted into oblivion? I suppose if it does all end, we could go off together. We don’t really need heaven or hell; we could just run off to the stars. We could go to Alpha Centauri – plenty of planets up there. Even so, I don’t think I could just leave the Earth to its fate.

I quite like the place for one thing, but Aziraphale loves it. I couldn’t bear to see him lose something that means that much to him. He’d probably never speak to me again and that’s one thing I can never let happen. After all, you don’t make many friends when you’re a demon. Not that he’s a friend, of course. He’s an enemy. The enemy. Satan, I hope that no-one finds out about us.

But anyway, 7 days to stop the world ending… Wish me luck, I guess.


Clio (Year 5)

From the diary of Matilda’s mother

Ugh, that little brat just spoke back to me in the rudest tone. I’ve had enough of her! She is always going on about Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Jill, who even are they? No one even cares about stupid books. I prefer watching the telly and wearing my beautiful outfits, as they bring out my slim waist. Good thing I sent her off to that good school for worms like her. I finally get some peace and quiet to put on my gorgeous makeup.

I loved going to the beauty salon today. Cheryl gave me a perm and she re-did my nails. My hair was starting to get a bit faded so I got it bleached, but Candice forgot to put in the curling cream so my hair has gone a bit flat. I’m married to an oompa-loompa. I’m sure that girl, I forgot her name, put in some sort of hair dye to his hair tonic, because his hair has turned green!

Tomorrow, I have planned to go to the café to get my special personalised drink, a strawberry iced latte with cookie crumbs and 10 pumps of caffeine, to keep me awake. Ooh, I can’t wait for tomorrow, I really need a coffee right now.

Today’s dinner is microwaved roast dinner, but I’m getting my son to do that today as I am going to be watching some on the ‘Fashion in Paris’ TV show, my favourite! Well, I have to catch the show so I’m leaving.

Donna Pocock-Bell, Librarian

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