Middle School

22 November 2023

Year 10 comes together for Macbeth Extravaganza

Jonathan Muir, Head of English

Year 10 dressed as witches, somnambulists, Scottish warriors, fair and foul, for their Macbeth Extravaganza Evening on Tuesday 21 November.

The highlight of the evening was a screening of the Almeida Theatre’s Olivier Award-nominated stage production of Macbeth, starring James McArdle as a tortured Macbeth and the sensational Saoirse Ronan as a deeply troubled Lady Macbeth. This was accompanied by a medieval banquet of pizza and ice cream, hosted by Mrs Nash as Lady Macbeth, and which not even Mr Muir as the Ghost of Banquo could spoil. Mrs Haines’s fabulous Only Connect-style Macbeth quiz was competitively fought for, with three teams deservedly winning some authentic Jacobean Haribo for their efforts.

The performance has given students a fresh insight on the play, and spurned much discussion in lessons since. So thanks to all at once and to each one!

Jonathan Muir, Head of English

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