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21 March 2024

Year 11 and Lower Sixth students prepare for Eswatini 2024

As summer approaches, our Year 11 and Lower Sixth students are making preparations and receiving special training ahead of their expedition to Eswatini later this year.

Reflecting on their latest in a series of weekend preparation sessions, Misha and Krishna (11M) said: ‘Our group, Team Bossmen, worked together to realise our hopes and dreams for this incredible trip – such as learning about the new culture, including a the country’s different languages and exciting traditions, but also connecting with the environment, from the diverse wildlife to looking up at the stars in the pollution-free night sky.

‘We also discussed the community project that we will be taking part in during our time in Eswatini. Our team will be aiding in the build of three additional rooms to an elderly care home initiated by Lassalete Durete. This will involve learning lots of new skills such as mixing cement and building brick walls and, of course, learning how to achieve all of this as a team.

‘Alongside the project, we will also be supporting young children in care. This will be a wonderful opportunity to spend time teaching, playing and making friends with the young people, and help to further our understanding of the wonders of their culture and their way of life. This volunteering opportunity will also help many of the elderly people and young children in Eswatini who are without care due to the HIV outbreak in recent years. We hope to provide them with the love and support that they deserve as the most vulnerable age groups in their communities.

‘We ended our preparation session by outlining some of our fears for the trip. For some of us it was travelling, whilst others worried about getting ill and possibly being trampled by rhinos! From our discussion we realised that we would just have to comfort and support each other through all of our new experiences which, ultimately, will push us outside of our comfort zones. We cannot wait to take part in so many exciting activities, such as early morning safaris, overnight treks and church gatherings with the local people.’

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