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28 June 2023

Year 5 compete in partnership Mathlete Challenge Day

The annual Year 5 Mathlete Challenge Day was another fantastic success, with participation from seven local primary schools from across Abingdon and its surrounding villages. The event, led by Head of Mathematics Mrs Everett and three of our A level Maths students, encouraged participants to use a range of critical thinking skills. It also provided a valuable opportunity to collaborate with students from other local schools and share maths problem-solving ideas.

The afternoon started with an introductory activity based around Islamic geometric art, which required students to make a six-fold geometric pattern and then identify and colour in all the shapes they could find within it. The students enjoyed creating their patterns and identified a vast and impressive array of shapes.

The second challenge focussed on maths mazes, finding the optimum route through to achieve an objective. Sixth Form helper Beth said she was ‘very impressed’ by the student’s ability to use the mazes to look at trial and error and proof by exhaustion.

Mrs Everett finished the afternoon by presenting certificates to all students along with a handy book of extra challenges to take home. Congratulations to all the l students who took part!

Mrs Uezzell (Partnerships Administrator)

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