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16 January 2024

Year 6 investigates Oxford’s history

Lola and Aurora  (Year 6)

In January, Year 6 explored Oxford Castle as part of our work on crime and punishment through the ages.

In the morning, we did an awesome workshop which taught us what life was like for prisoners in Oxford Prison around the Victorian times.  We also learnt about different punishments and got to try on some old police uniforms.  Then we had a tour up to the top of the tower at Oxford Castle, climbing up 101 uneven steps to see some incredible views around the city.  Our tour also included more gruesome facts about punishments at Oxford prison, as well as a look into a cell.

After the tour we went through an exhibition and we learnt about a prisoner who had four life sentences! Next, we had lunch and climbed up the mound that had taken eight months to build! In the afternoon we did a mock court trial for Mary Blandy, an infamous murderer, where we got to act out the role of lawyers and witnesses.  This trip was educational, inspirational and fun, and we’d recommend that you visit too.


Lola and Aurora  (Year 6)

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