Lower School

20 September 2023

Year 7 explore creatures big and small at Animazing

Biology class was ‘Animazing’ for Year 7 as students learnt about tortoises, rabbits and bearded dragons, and even dared to come face-to-face with a Boa Constrictor.

After a fun-filled experience and getting Terry the Toad back in his box, curious biologists Mila and Patsy (7J) shared what they learnt: ‘Animazing was a great experience for our class and everyone who participated in it. Despite a lot of screaming and squealing, it was a huge success – everyone enjoyed it.

‘I think the animal that got the best response was the tarantula because everyone was terrified and jumping out of their chairs and screaming at the top of their lungs. It was hilarious. What was not so hilarious was when the spider came towards me and Patsy, a very scary moment! My personal favourite animal was the adorable hedgehog who was a great poser for the camera. Those are just two of the amazing animals we encountered, others include a snake, cockroaches and a bearded dragon to name a few. Overall, it was an outstanding experience and enjoyed by many.’

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