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23 November 2023

Year 8 art and biology trip to Kew Gardens

Eva (8J)

In November, Year 8 embarked on an art and biology trip to Kew Gardens to be inspired by the science of plants and sketch flora.

At the start of the day, we went to the Marianne North Gallery where we saw many impressive paintings of plants. Afterwards, we visited The Hive – an enormous structure that resembled a beehive. I found it incredible how the structure fitted together perfectly, using only hexagons. I also learned that the gentle music playing in the background, inside The Hive, was in the key of C – which is the same key that bees buzz in!

After lunch, we visited several large greenhouses. Within the greenhouses, there were many ponds and waterfalls, with beautiful plants growing within them. The plants that grew in and around the water had very interesting shapes which could be fun to replicate in ceramics. Overall, it was an amazing trip and I learned a lot about different plant structures and forms.

Eva (8J)

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