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28 June 2024

Year 8 Mandarin trip to London

On 27 June, Year 8 Mandarin students ventured to the British Museum and Chinatown in London to explore history and culture.

Looking back on the trip Catharina (8J) said: ‘From ancient artefacts to modern-day hustle, our Mandarin class took a trip to the British Museum and Chinatown in the heart of London. Seeing the intricately carved jade vase we had explored in lessons displayed at the British Museum was genuinely captivating, bringing our classroom discussions to life. I was also fascinated by the glazed stone pillow from the Jin dynasty, which was decorated with stylized flower designs. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to sleep on a solid rectangular prism every night! Exploring the vast variety of shops and buying a refreshing bubble tea drink in Chinatown afterwards was an exhilarating experience, adding a touch of excitement to the day.’

Yan Kiu (8L) added: ‘It was really fun when we visited the British Museum and Chinatown in June. I enjoyed the Chinatown part a lot because it was a place full of traditional Chinese culture. I particularly liked the bubble tea and looking around the decorations in Chinatown. In the British Museum, I found the jade pot interesting since it’s made from jade so you can see a tiny bit of glowing green on it.’

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