4 October 2022

Year 9 Challenge Day – Enigma Project

SHSK School

September 2022

Communication, problem-solving and teamwork were the words of the day for the Year 9 ‘Enigma Project’ at Church Farm as students took part in eight challenges to earn as many ‘spy dollars’ as possible. Emilie, Isabella and Sophie recap the best bits of the day.

Year 9 Challenge Day was an enjoyable day where each form group in Year 9 collaborated within two smaller groups to win challenges to gain “Spy Money” in order to succeed.  There were many fun activities such as: blindfolded art, blindfolded obstacle courses, laser tag, and catapult building. We especially loved the obstacle courses, as everyone was helping each other and cheering each other on, which made everyone feel included. As well as the activities there was music in the background throughout the day, this created a light and fun atmosphere. The company running it was very nice and supportive, they helped us achieve our full potential.  During the day we managed to meet new people and make new friends, even the more introverted people really got involved. Overall, we had an amazing day filled with fun and teambuilding.

Emilie, Isabella and Sophie (9M)

SHSK School

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