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14 November 2023

Year 9 explore France and Belgium’s battlefields

Jasmine (9L)

I made so many amazing memories on the Battlefields trip; it was an incredibly enjoyable but also moving experience.

With my friends, I explored some of the most significant locations and memorials of the First World War. I learnt about the strategic concerns of both sides, the way in which British and French soldiers fought side-by-side, the weapons used in the conflict, and I even got to wear some of the uniform that soldiers would have had to wear.

My favourite site was the Canadian trenches. I got to explore the intricate network and learn about how they truly fought in battles. I also enjoyed the interactive museums that offered games, movies and dark rooms. Ultimately, I really enjoyed learning about the history of the region and the ‘Great War’ and, though some of the history we encountered was upsetting, it was an amazing experience to share with friends old and new.

Jasmine (9L)

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