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Throughout the history of our school, students have been able to come to St Helen and St Katharine because their families received assistance towards the fees.

In 1903, when St Helen’s was founded, boarders were charged 45 guineas a year (some £6,600 in today’s money), whereas the local day-girls were charged just 6 guineas (equivalent to only £900). This clearly defined the School’s character – rooted in the local community with a spirit of inclusivity.

As Headmistress of the School, I have the immense privilege of watching our students experience their own defining moments that will transform their future.

I am also keenly aware that there are young women whose lives would be transformed by calling St Helen and St Katharine their school and could do so if fees were no longer a factor. The belief that we can and should remove this financial barrier remains fundamental to the School’s ethos.

Our fierce pride in all that we do at St Helen’s and the transformative value and efficacy of our mission makes us ambitious to reach out further, to individuals whose potential and aspirations are currently inhibited by circumstances beyond their control.

This is why we have such bold ambitions for our Bursary programme. Our vision is that together we can achieve something of profound and lasting value.

Mrs Rebecca Dougall, Headmistress

The impact of receiving a bursary can last a lifetime

We are proud that St Helen and St Katharine has been able to offer that impact to students throughout its history.

"I was a ‘Scholarship girl’ in the 1960s through the direct grant scheme. I would not otherwise have been able to attend St Helen’s and my life may have taken a lesser path. The School helped me to discover and develop my talents, and I gained an ability to express myself with a confidence which has never left me."

Myra (1968 leaver)

“Without doubt, I would not have built the platform that I now have without my time at St Helen's and the generosity and warmth of those who contributed to the bursary fund. I joined St Helen's from a local state school and although I knew that I wanted a career in science, it was very difficult for me to envisage how I would be able to achieve that in the environment I was in. But St Helen's got me to the point where I achieved fabulous exam results. And now, I have an MSc from Imperial and am associated with some of the most highly acclaimed immunologists in my field. This all started with the bursary fund at St Helen's.”

Louisa (2010 leaver)

“There is no question that without a St Helen's bursary I wouldn't have been able to experience the wealth of opportunities that I did. From travelling to Japan for a drama trip and to Germany for a music tour, to representing the UK at the European Youth Parliament and representing the School as a prefect, I look back on every experience at St Helen's with fondness. For me, being in an environment where it was cool to be curious, where it wasn't unusual to love learning and where it was OK to be unashamedly enthusiastic, has led me to where I am today. I will forever be grateful for the Foundation bursary for giving me the life-changing gift of becoming a St Helen's girl.”

Leying (2013 leaver)

Make an immediate impact with a donation

Your gift, however large or small, will make a big difference, by helping to provide the opportunity of a St Helen’s education to more young women.

  • Just £20 a month (+ Gift Aid) over 7 years would pay for more than 10% of an annual bursary
  • 32 people giving an annual gift of £500 (+ Gift Aid) would support a student on a £100% bursary for a whole year
  • 3 people giving an annual gift of £5,000 (+ Gift Aid) would fund almost 100% of a bursary for a whole year.


Please join us in unlocking the potential of more young women by supporting a bursary

You can donate online by credit or debit card by clicking here or make a regular gift by setting up a Direct Debit by clicking here. Alternatively, you can download and return a donation form.

Donations from UK taxpayers are usually eligible for Gift Aid, which increases the value of your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid declaration form

Give a lasting gift by remembering St Helen’s in your will

Leaving a gift to the School in your will gives you the chance to make a lasting impact.

We know that caring for the future of your loved ones will always come first. But if you are able to leave a donation after this, you will help future generations of talented young women flourish in the enriching environment of a St Helen’s education.

We appreciate just how considered the decision to leave a gift is and the great personal significance it holds. Whatever your intentions, please feel free contact me if you would like to discuss your legacy to the School.

Mathew Iredale

Head of Alumnae Relations & Fundraising

01235 520173