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February 2022

Journey To The Cross – An Interactive Prayer Walk

A series of ‘Stations of the Cross’ were set up in Chapel for Lent week this year to give students and staff space to reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion and in a unique and meaningful way. Stations of the Cross are a type of spiritual pilgrimage used during Lent to draw each of us deeper into relationship with Jesus as we meditate on His Passion and death.

The Journey to the Cross was self-guided and each prayer station was interactive – with a reading, a reflection and an action. Students were encouraged to hold a rock throughout the walk as a symbol of their sin and to let go at the end. This helped with the feeling of a continuous thread throughout the prayer walk.

Actions from some of the stations are below, alongside images of students taking part.

#1 – In The Beginning             

Take a moment to think of the good things God has created in this world.  Write down a few of them on a post it note and stick it to the map of the world.

#3 – The Garden             

Take a moment to think of someone who has inspired you by the way they have been gracious and generous in the midst of their own suffering? Write their name or what about them inspired you on a paper figure and join them to the prayer chain with a peg.

#4 – Betrayed by Judas

Begin by picking up the bag of coins and dumping its contents out on the table in front of you. Next, pick up the coins one by one, counting them as you put them back in the bag.

How much is your integrity worth? Would you betray a friend for twenty thousand pounds?

#6 – Denied By Peter

Write down the phrase “I Do Not Know Him” on the chalkboard as a symbol of the times you,  like Peter, have denied Christ.

#7 – Whipped & Mocked

Take the red felt marker and strike the loose part of the clothing hanging from the cross to make a red mark.

#12 – Communion

Here is where it all started with bread and cup and a promise. Take some bread and eat (it is gluten and dairy free) then write your name on a sticky note and place it on the cross beside the altar. “My name is _____ and my sins are forgiven.”

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