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October 2021

The Tree of Life

For Open Day 2021 we created a ‘Tree of Life’ in Chapel. Prospective students were invited to build up the leaves on the tree by writing on coloured hands something that they were looking forward to, their hopes or dreams.

This week in Chapel the theme is ‘saying sorry’ and we are looking at the story of Zacchaeus, whose life was turned upside down by an encounter with Jesus. Zacchaeus’s subsequent actions reveal that his repentance and faith are genuine. His story shows us a journey into God’s grace and emphasises the love of Jesus, as Zacchaeus’s heart is transformed by the gospel.

The idea for the ‘Tree of Life’ was based on a Biblical verse from the Book of Revelation (22:2) ‘the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations’. We all get things wrong, but what helps us move forward positively is our ability to acknowledge that, to say sorry, and to ask God and those around us for forgiveness. So current students were also invited to join their hands with those from Open Day, by writing something they might wish to say sorry for alongside their hopes or dreams. Revd Karen 

The Juniors especially enjoyed their Chapel lesson on Monday afternoon!Alexa G, Year 6

‘Today at Chapel we wrote our hopes and dreams on paper hands, then we stuck them on a curvy tree. After all the hands were added on it looked like a magical tree!! It was very fun and made me think’
Rose H, Year 6

‘It was a great experience as I love writing down my hopes. Seeing everybody  else’s hand is great and it makes me wish everyone’s dreams come true!
Luella X, Year 6

‘Today we wrote our dreams,   hopes and some doodles on the Tree of Life in Chapel’
 Arabella P, Year 6

‘It was special seeing everybody’s own hand on the tree, seeing what everybody loved and hoped   for and wished for. My friends and I even put our own hands on the tree. I hope all the hopes and   dreams come true!
 Beatrice M, Year 6

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