Craft it (St Katharine’s Study)

Crafting involves lots of different parts of the brain. Research has demonstrated its benefits from physical gains such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, to mental advantages such as improving your attention span, problem-solving skills and reducing anxiety. Joining Craft it and getting creative provides a lot of benefits.

Why choose Craft it?

Learning through and about the arts enriches the experience of studying as well as preparing you for life after school.

  • Art subjects encourage self-expression and creativity, building confidence as well as a sense of individual identity
  • Creativity can also help with well-being and improving health and happiness – many students comment that lessons act as an outlet for releasing the pressures of studying as well as those of everyday life
  • Craft it develops critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us

Topics studied

You will learn practical skills and how to enjoy making artefacts and objects through taught workshop sessions and demonstrations as well as having a contextual understanding of art and design. Specific research methods relevant to art and design are also discussed.


Assessment is through your outcomes, attendance and attitude during lesson. There is no final assessment or exam at the end, and you will not receive a formal qualification.

Taking it further

Some students enjoy Craft it so much that they choose to study an art foundation course for their gap year. Others talk about their studies during interviews to help them to demonstrate their wider interests and skills.

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