Politics (AQA)

In A level Politics you will develop critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, political institutions and political processes. You will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the political systems of the UK and the USA, and study a number of political ideologies.

You will study in a seminar style based on informed discussion, and a range of learning methods are used including organised debate, research tasks and presentations. You are expected to keep informed on political issues via quality press, magazines and journals as well as television programmes and podcasts. The reading of classical and modern political texts is also desirable.

Topics studied

There are three units:

  • UK government and politics
  • US government and politics and comparative politics
  • Political ideas

All units are examined at the end of the two-year course; there is no coursework.

You will learn to engage through questions such as:

  • Are referendums a good way of solving political disagreements?
  • How powerful is the American president?
  • How important is money in politics?
  • How much equality is fair?

You will learn to construct well-supported arguments and come to your own conclusions. An extensive selection of books, magazines and online resources are available to support the curriculum content and inspire further research.


A* in A level Politics in 2023


A*–A in A level Politics in 2023


A*–B in A level Politics in 2023

"What I love about studying Politics is that it’s never dull, it’s current, it’s happening now."
"I’ve learned how to debate and develop my own views into clear and coherent arguments which I know will be useful for the future."

Academic enrichment

In both Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth, you will have the opportunity to take part in our annual politics trip to Washington DC and New York City. In Lower Sixth, you can also visit Parliament and the Supreme Court in London. We offer opportunities for debate and further insight into global politics through the Senior Politics Society which gives you the chance to research and discuss topics of interest, as well as developing techniques of intellectual enquiry. From time to time we arrange seminar sessions with PPE students from the University of Oxford and bring in outside speakers.

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