Design and Technology

Design and Technology (DT) encourages students to be inspired, creative and challenged by following a broad curriculum that is directly related to the world around them and which provides insight into related careers such as architecture, designing, manufacturing and engineering.

The subject prepares students for participation in a rapidly changing technological world. We achieve this by combining knowledge and skills from other subject areas – including art and design, mathematics and science. It is an area of study that requires initiative, an enquiring mind, determination and the careful planning and allocation of time and resources alongside a sense of responsibility for making decisions and taking action.

DT is taught in our well-equipped, purpose-built 3DD Design Centre facility, where we offer a good balance of both traditional manufacturing equipment and new state-of-the-art technology including laser cutters, a CNC router and 3D printers.

Lower School

Middle School

Sixth Form


9–7 at GCSE 2023


9–8 at GCSE 2023


A*–A at A level 2023

"I enjoy the hands-on experiences and learning practical skills that studying DT offers."
"I love using the machines that you would not normally get to use like laser cutters and 3D printers."


A great many DT clubs are available to all years, from our Lower School DT Club that invites students to work individually or as part of a team to build mini rocket-powered cars, to our Middle School DT Club which gives students the space and opportunity to work on their own projects. Our after-school Jewellery Club is led by an award-winning jeweller who shares over 14 years of experience, and our Greenpower Car group have been working collaboratively to build a battery-powered go-kart which will be raced in the annual Greenpower Education Trust competition.

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