Food and Nutrition

Learning what is in the food we eat, how our diet is linked to health and how to prepare delicious, nutritious food is a life skill. Students are encouraged to be independent and ambitious, and consider wider issues such as food inequality, climate change.

It is both a creative subject, and a subject which links to many other areas of learning, such as biology, chemistry, geography, sports science and psychology. Nutrition in the media can be a minefield of misinformation, and we equip students with the skills to be able to separate nutrition fact from fiction.

Junior Department

Lower School

Middle School

"These five lessons have been my favourite five lessons of the year!"

Martha, Year 6

"Food and nutrition gives us independence and problem-solving skills."

Lyra, Year 8

"Food and nutrition is fun and engaging."

Sophia, Year 8


Our weekly Garden to Table Club gives students in Year 7 the opportunity to grow fresh fruit and vegetables from our greenhouse and cook seasonally. In Year 10, students from Abingdon join us for a fun and sociable after school Cooking Club, and in Lower Sixth students are encouraged to take part in our Cooking for Uni Club where they learn to cook nutritious, budget-friendly meals in preparation for the future.

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