Learning skills

In Year 7, students have one lesson of Learning Skills each week. During these lessons, they learn and practise a range of skills to support their wider curricular studies in preparation of the future.

Students begin by exploring the role of memory in learning and understanding key information. They then practise strategies to access a range of media, learning how to take effective notes, organise information into mind maps and summarise key points. Oracy skills, both for discussion and presentation, are fostered throughout the course.

During Lent term, students are encouraged to test the full range of their skills by conducting an independent research project. They use our Library catalogue, learning how to find the information they need and write up their findings without plagiarising. Students produce a final written handout to complement a short recorded presentation in which they reflect on their chosen research topic as well as the research process itself.

At the end of the year, students focus on revision skills and how to organise themselves in preparation for examinations.

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