你好! Nǐ hǎo! Embark on a journey to explore a new language!

Our course in Mandarin Chinese offers students an opportunity to learn what is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent business languages in the world and expand their cultural horizons.

In lessons, students learn practical vocabulary and grammar structure that they can use in the Chinese-speaking world. Students also have the chance to immerse themselves in and learn about rich Chinese culture, history and traditions – such as participating in Chinese New Year celebrations, joining in on ink-painting activities, making Chinese knots, learning Chinese folk dance and so much more.

Lower School

Middle School

Sixth Form


9–8 at GCSE 2023

Conversation classes in small groups with a native speaker teacher are offered during studying for GCSE and beyond.

"Mandarin is the highlight of my week. It’s always so much fun and rewarding."
"I have enjoyed learning Mandarin as it has given me the opportunity to further my interest in foreign languages as well as learn about aspects of Chinese culture in fun lessons that are completely different from my A level subjects."

Academic enrichment

Plenty of opportunities are provided to encourage and interest students in Mandarin. Our trip to China encourages students to practise and improve their language skills with Chinese students and other native speakers, gain real-world experience and open their minds to different cultures. We also hold an annual Chinese New Year quiz and delicacy night in Oxford, as well as take part in the UK Chinese Calligraphy Competition to inspire students to discover more about Chinese language and culture.



There are several, invaluable extracurricular opportunities for students to experience China’s rich and diverse culture throughout the year, including our weekly Chinese Experience Club; our Mid-Autumn Festival poster competition; the Dragon Boat Festival with Abingdon School; and Chinese folk dance workshops with external performers.

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