Welcome to the wonder that is mathematics! This is a subject that is not only fascinating but also essential to our understanding of the world around us. Mathematics is the language of science, technology, engineering and finance, and it plays a vital role in our daily lives.

During their study of mathematics, students are introduced to a wide range of mathematical concepts in the fields of number, algebra, geometry and statistics. They learn how to analyse and solve complex problems, develop critical thinking skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that govern our universe.

Moreover, mathematics is an art form. It is the art of discovering patterns, exploring relationships and creating elegant solutions to problems. Mathematics is about discovering beauty in the abstract, and about finding joy in the pursuit of knowledge.

Our team of mathematicians are passionate about their subject. They invest their time and expertise in delivering inspiring and challenging learning experiences and encourage students to foster the awe of discovery and making connections.

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A*–B at A level Mathematics 2023


A*–A at A level Further Mathematics 2023


9–7 at GCSE Mathematics 2023

Academic enrichment

From the outset, students are encouraged to enjoy mathematics beyond the classroom. In Year 7, the Mathematics Department takes the whole year group to Bletchley Park to explore codes and ciphers and to appreciate the enormous impact they had during World War II. Year 9 enjoy a session of mathematics delivered by outside speakers on a range of areas. We also run a trip for Years 10 and 12 students to hear inspiring professionals talk about how they use mathematics in their field, which brings their learning to life.

In Lower School, Pi club is an opportunity to be creative and artistic in mathematical ways, take part in team challenges and explore fun and interesting aspects of mathematics. These sessions are ably supported and sometimes led by enthusiastic Sixth Form mathematicians, who transfer their passion for the subject to the next generation.

Maths Society is open to all students in Year 10 and above. Here, students explore challenging mathematics beyond the curriculum, have opportunities to give lightning talks on areas of interest and to attend lectures given by inspiring mathematicians in the workplace. The Department runs regular mathematical competitions for fun and engagement throughout the year.

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