26 January 2024

Chamber Music Concert

Our Chapel played host to a riveting evening of chamber music, where a diverse array of talented musicians graced audiences with their musicality.

Opening the event, the Cello and Bass Squad set the tone for the evening with their spirited performance of Schubert’s ‘Marche Militaire’. Their melodic cellos and basses echoed through the Chapel, laying the foundation for a memorable musical evening.

Following this vibrant start, our Oboe Quartet performed their rendition of Jane Finch’s ‘Tango’ and our Violas! ensemble showcased St Helen’s talented musicians through a performance of Peter Martin’s ‘Ballard & Finale’.

Vandoren mesmerised the audience with their clarinet ensemble performance of ‘Yesterday’ by Lennon and McCartney, arranged by Brady.

Our Gagliano ensemble delved into the emotional depth of Borodin’s ‘Notturno from Quartet No 2’ and Licorice Stix played George Butterworth’s ‘The Banks of Green Willow’ arranged by Blackmore.

Our Bernstein group presented Sullivan’s ‘Romance in G Minor’, which was followed by Flute Group’s which added a contemporary twist to the evening with their lively rendition of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Next, Ruggieri showcased their virtuosity with a performance of Kohler’s ‘Capriccio’ and, for the grand finale, our Sax Ensemble presented Alastair Penman’s ‘Voyaging’.

Throughout the evening, the audience was reminded of the dedication and talent of St Helen’s performers, with each ensemble contributing to our amazing Chamber Music Concert.

Watch the full performance below.

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