17 March 2023

HelKats hit the ground running at hockey regionals

Emma (8K)

At the U13 regional hockey tournament our A team did brilliantly and came 3rd place. We started off the day very strongly with two wins against Lambrook School and Pipers Corner School, as well as drawing against Farleigh School. We then qualified for the cup, but sadly lost our first round on penalty flicks against King Edwards School; Ella was in goal and saved two attempted shots. Everyone was incredibly impressed, and she did an amazing job!

We continued onto our last match against Farleigh, playing for 3rd and 4th place. The match ended on a 1–1 draw so we proceeded to penalty flicks again. We were thrilled to win, and I was relieved not to concede any goals as a first-time goalie!

Our defending and attacking were strong all day with Ella, Olivia, Niamh, Liz and I stepping up to be goalies. We also had some spectacular goals from Emily and Sienna as the day continued with assists from Mary, Ella and Emily.

I am incredibly proud of how we performed and supported each other throughout the day, no matter the results!


Emma (8K)

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