AS level Mathematics (St Katharine’s Study)

This course is the first year’s content of A level Mathematics, studied over two years.

Why choose AS level Mathematics?

It is an excellent choice for those who cannot commit to the full A level Mathematics but who wish to continue their maths either for their own enjoyment or to complement their other subjects, particularly when considering maths-related courses in their higher education plans. There are a wide number of higher education courses that will includesome aspects of mathematics and so having a grounding beyond GCSE can be very useful.

Topics studied

You will learn the Year 1 content of A level Mathematics. This includes pure topics such as quadratics, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, exponentials and logarithms and vectors. Alongside the pure content, you will also study statistics and mechanics – the applied aspect of

the AS. Topics include sampling, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, forces, constant and variable acceleration.


There are two written examinations. Paper 1 is worth 62.5% of the total marks and covers the pure content. Paper 2 is worth 37.5% of the total marks and covers the applied content.

An AS carries UCAS tariff points with an A grade earning 20 points; a B grade gives 16 points; a C grade is 12; and a D grade is 10.

Taking it further

An AS in mathematics can be extremely useful in supporting university applications for courses where A level Mathematics is not a requirement but would complement some of the course content or modules, eg statistics in social science courses.

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