Chemistry (OCR A)

Chemistry is the central scientific discipline that equips you with the tools required to understand the world. Its concepts can be applied to a multitude of different fields and the breadth of the subject is vast. From synthesising the most complex drug molecules or analysing trace evidence to solve crimes, to developing the next generation of green technologies; chemists find themselves in numerous exciting fields solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Our chemistry labs are state-of-the-art, spacious and fully equipped for Sixth Form teaching. You will be taught in groups of around 8–12 students by two chemistry specialists, who will bring the different sides of the OCR A level Chemistry course to life with their extensive academic and industrial experience. Chemistry is of course a practical subject, and with the help of our highly-qualified chemistry technician, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your practical skills.

Topics studied

Teacher A:

  • Acids and amounts of substance
  • Enthalpy and entropy
  • Redox, Group 2 and Group 7
  • Reaction rates
  • Equilibria
  • Acids, bases and buffers
  • Redox and electrode potentials
  • Transition elements

Teacher B:

  • Atoms and electrons
  • Structure, bonding and periodicity
  • Basic concepts, alkanes and alkenes
  • Alcohols and haloalkanes
  • Synthesis and analytical techniques
  • Aromatic chemistry
  • Aldehydes and ketones
  • Carboxylic acids, esters and polyesters
  • Amines, amino acids, amides and polyamides
  • Organic synthesis
  • Chromatography and spectroscopy



Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry – 2 hours 15 minutes (37%)

  • Synthesis and analytical techniques – 2 hours 15 minutes (37%)
  • Unified chemistry – 1 hour 30 minutes (26%)


A* in A level Chemistry in 2023


A*–A in A level Chemistry in 2023


A*–B in A level Chemistry in 2023

“Chemistry makes you think in different ways. It enables you to understand more about why things happen.”
“A combination of logical thought and imaginative thinking that always keeps you guessing.”

Academic enrichment

A range of opportunities are provided to encourage and interest students in chemistry, for example, you will have the option to be entered into the Royal Society of Chemistry Schools’ Analyst competition, the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and the Chemistry Olympiad. Involvement with the ATOM Society and Abingdon Science Partnership allows you to involve yourself in science collaborations, and attend lectures and discussion groups. There are also opportunities for you to run the Junior Chemistry Club to help enthuse younger students about science and attend our dedicated Sixth Form society, Livermorium. These in-house clubs aim to prepare you for national competitions, extend your knowledge and practical skills beyond the A level specification, as well as giving you the chance to research current advances in this fascinating and ever evolving subject.

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